PsychBlog & Jelly

What is PsychBlog & Jelly?

Einstein famously quipped that nobody understands anything until they can explain it to their grandmother. Given that my Korean language skills are dreadful on a good day, I suppose that I'm doomed to a life of not understanding anything past, "I'm hungry."

Yet, in spite of myself, I've managed to learn a few things here and there about psychology, research, and life as an academic. Partly to consolidate my own thinking, partly to sharpen my expositional writing, and partly because I just intrinsically enjoy geeking out about nerdy things, I've decided to start blogging.

What can I expect to see on PsychBlog & Jelly?

Honestly, I'm not sure either, but I hope it'll be interesting.

Why PsychBlog & Jelly?

  1. I'm incorrigible when it comes to dumb backronyms

  2. If I have to choose between being cool and being a dork, I'll choose being a dork any day

  3. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are simple but satisfying; they don't pretend to be anything special, but they're a great go-to when you need a quick snack

  4. I feel like I was trying to sketch the outlines for a metaphor in #3, but now I'm just hungry