As a scientist, part of my core philosophy is that we should “give away” our work whenever we can. For me, this not only includes scientific communication about the outcomes of research, but also the transmission of technical skills that can help others produce more research.

To this end, this page provides a structured directory of tutorials I’ve written that are suitable for beginner-level programmers. It is not a full directory of all tutorials I’ve ever written. To see a more comprehensive list, check out my blog entries tagged with “tutorials”.

Language-free introductions

R / tidyverse

  • Setup guide for R tutorials
    • Installing R / RStudio
    • Creating a GitHub account / installing GitHub Desktop
    • How to fork/clone the tutorials
  • into-the-tidyverse
    • Wrangle data using the tidyverse ecosystem
    • Prerequisite: Setup guide
  • learning-stats-backwards
    • Analyze data using regression
    • Prerequisite: into-the-tidyverse
  • cog-comp-modeling
    • Use computational models to address questions in cognitive and psychological science
    • Prerequisites: into-the-tidyverse (essential), learning-stats-backwards (optional but useful)

HDDM (Python)

PsychToolbox (Matlab)